Watch out for what’s happening in Nebraska

An article in the Lincoln Journal Star ( describes litigation between NPPD (power purchaser) and three of its sellers of wind power. The crux of the litigation is that NPPD wants to terminate three wind PPAs, claiming breaches associated with project acquisitions. Putting aside any questions about the merits or purpose of the suit, for owners and parties looking at buying land hosting the subject turbines, there is good reason to follow this litigation.

One of the projects involved, Broken Bow Wind, has a current PPA rate (we estimate, based on our research) of +/- $41/MWh, while market rates, for new PPAs are (we believe) half this amount. If this PPA is terminated, then there’s a loss of royalty revenue, or if it’s renegotiated, then we’d expect re-negotiation at current rates — which would cut royalty payments in half.

Again — it’s all reason to watch what’s happening in Nebraska, especially if you host those turbines or are looking to buy that land, because this litigation may affect future lease revenue.

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