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Iowa Project

We are pleased to have finished work on an Iowa project. LeaseGen advised the landowners in a coming project on their lease economics and the value of that future revenue stream. We look forward to continuing our expansion in to other states.

Decommissioning Risk Factors

A number of articles related to the Canadian Cowley Ridge wind project note a decommissioning risk factor that isn’t often as obvious as something like turbines and wind resource — but it may be the most important factor to consider. While the articles note an inability to source parts for the 23-year-old Kenetech turbines, they […]

Another Repowering Shows the Rewards and Risks to Landowners when Projects are Continued

A February 17, 2016 NorthAmerican WindPower article shows again why it matters to consider repowering when analyzing a turbine lease revenue stream. NAW notes Gamesa has received an order from Energiekontor (a German developer) for three 4.5 MW machines. These three machines will replace 11 one-MW turbines, doubling the projects’ output. For a US landowner […]

Another Short-Term Agreement for Part of a Project’s Capacity — Creating More Lessor Revenue Stream Uncertainty

Apex has announced a 12-year deal with a corporate offtaker (Steelcase) for 25 MW of a 150 MW project’s capacity. Like with the recent EDF and Salesforce deal noted in a prior blog post, this arrangement creates an additional level of uncertainty regarding long-term project revenues. And this uncertainty trickles down to the lessor’s revenue […]

More Talk About Xcel’s Wind and Solar Procurement

Xcel has announced its intention to increase its combined wind and solar percentage to 35% of its energy mix. Very positive news for wind and solar developers, especially near-term, because we have to think Xcel will procure most of this before the expiration of the extended PTC and ITC. In the articles discussing this, one […]

Salesforce PPA with EDF Noteworthy for its Term and Capacity Limit

The number of corporate PPAs is noteworthy, and positive. It seems corporate procurement reduces stranded asset risk — by increasing the number of potential offtakers for a particular project. The terms of these agreements, however, need to be considered, because they make the future revenue stream more uncertain than typically would be the case. By […]

Another Positive Sign For Long-Term Role of Wind

While the recent PTC extension is worth noting — NERC’s recent report (referenced in the AWEA link below) is maybe more significant in terms of wind’s long-term role. Second to price, integration arguably has been the second-most significant issue for wind. But, as with wind pricing which has dropped considerably (and is being seen as offering […]

German Tall Tower Repowering a Sign of Things to Come?

A small German wind project (built in 1999) has been repowered with Vestas V112 machines — on 140 meter and 119 meter towers. My thinking for some time has been that the German market is a good indication of where the US may or will be heading. It seems we’ve followed the Germans in increasing […]

More Utility Project Acquisition

Xcel’s acquisition of two RES projects shows the continued trend of utility wind project ownership — all suggesting wind will have a long-term role in US power generation, providing long-term revenue to wind lease owners. http://renews.biz/100812/xcel-boosts-wind-stable/