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LeaseGen’s model is applied considering the specific features of a particular project and lease or easement at the time the analysis is performed, and particularly considering the associated contracts (e.g. power purchase agreement) and market, regulatory, turbine, and other concerns of the landowner or buyer. No two analyses are alike. Moreover, any one analysis pertains only at the time it is performed and considering only the factors identified and as weighted for that specific analysis. However, LeaseGen’s model is flexible, and multiple analyses can be performed simultaneously, with and without consideration being given to certain factors, and with different escalators, prices, rates, and weightings applied. In each case, the customer (whether a lessor under a wind lease or a buyer of the subject property) will have the opportunity to help frame the scope of the analysis. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would be happy to further explain our approach.

LeasGen does not provide accounting, legal, or tax advice.

Services to be performed by LeaseGen will be subject to an agreement between LeaseGen and its customer. Please contact us with questions about these agreements.

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