Our purpose

LeaseGen was started for the purpose of helping landowners with wind turbines or solar equipment on their property, and the buyers of that property, assess the long-term revenue stream from those leases or easements.

This analysis is essential when buying or selling land with turbines or solar equipment on it, when selling wind or solar rights, and sometimes in the case of estate-related work.

How we do it

The renewable power generation business is complicated. Understanding the long-term revenue prospects for a landowner under a wind or solar lease requires analysis of specialized contracts and regulations, and sometimes requires input from professionals of many disciplines.

LeaseGen’s proprietary models were built by industry experts with input from landowners and multiple wind and solar industry professionals, including: developers; engineers; financiers; lawyers; meteorologists; and, power marketers, among others. As needed, these disciplines are consulted for individual projects. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to help a landowner or buyer understand the potential economic effect of any of the numerous factors that may impact a wind or solar project’s viability — and thus also the revenue from that project under its easements and leases.

Where we work

LeaseGen’s model can be applied for any landowner, or for the buyer of any land, in any wind or solar project.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-charge initial consultation.