UpWind Solutions Vortex Generator Technology Projected to Increase Power Generation

UpWind has announced the deployment of Vortex Generator technology at six BP wind projects.

These upgrades are projected to increase energy production by one to three percent, annually.

Improvements like this may result in increased project owner power production and thus also (potentially) landowner revenue under a turbine lease or easement.

For a landowner paid on a royalty basis, this could have a meaningful effect on the value of the lease revenue stream.

In a sample, hypothetical analysis we performed, where we presumed 5.4 installed megawatts, NPV increased by approximately $14,000.00 with a three percent increase in production.


Altamont Pass Project Repowering

Google and NextEra have announced a 20-year power purchase agreement associated with NextEra’s repowering of 770 1980’s turbines at Altamont Pass. If what is happening at Altamont Pass is any indication, then we should expect to see the repowering of more older projects.


LeaseGen Article on Wind Turbine Revenue Valuation Published in RLI Terra Firma

We are pleased to have published an article in the Realtors Land Institute’s Terra Firma 2015 Winter Edition. The article generally discusses the issues related to wind turbine lease revenue valuation. Please feel free to call or write us with any questions about the article or about any wind turbine revenue valuation issues.


Vestas and Puget Sound Energy Service Agreement

Long-term service agreements like this between wind turbine OEMs and project owners should positively affect a wind project’s operations and life span, and thus also positively affecting landowner lease revenue.


New PGE Plant Worth Noting

Although not the first, PGE has commissioned new fast-ramping gas-fired generation intended (in part) to facilitate wind integration. This trend suggests wind’s long-term place in a utility’s power generation mix.


Colorado Wind Integration

Good article in North American WindPower on wind integration in the Colorado Xcel Balancing Authority — suggesting wind has a long-term place in the Colorado energy mix (and presumably in other wind states, too). It’s interesting to see the level of penetration and the tools being used to facilitate integration.

Framework advanced for repowering in Altamont Pass wind resource area


Potential Limits on Land for New CA Projects

Policies, like those outlined in this article, will support re-powering of existing projects, meaning longer operations periods for these projects — and also potentially greater value.



GE Announces Wind PowerUp Agreements — Up to 5% Output Increase Projected

Increased output may result in increased revenue to these project landowners hosting GE 1.5 MW machines. It will be interesting to watch for additional projects employing this platform.


Our New Site is Live

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website!